I stand still looking at the floor.
My eyes glued to the tiny shards of glass;
pieces that used to make up my cup;
fragments now splayed across the room.



You Said

You say you will always be on my side.

You say I can come to you with any problems I have.

You say I can talk to you about anything on my mind.

You say you will always support me.

These are empty promises you make to me because you know that I will never take you up on them.

Wealth Inequality in America

I remember I got into a huge argument with my friend after watching President Obama’s State of the Union Address in 2012, where he discussed the income inequality that prevails in our nation. I think it’s sometimes hard to explain what is “fair” to someone who is already privileged in a variety of ways. Although, the idea of “redistribution” of wealth is met with a lot fear of socialism by a lot of people (not just privileged people), people who would actually be better off if we were do move into the direction of our “ideal distribution” of wealth in America.

All I can say watching this video is that I’m terrified of the jump that the top 1% had in their income, since the 1970s. Their wealth more than tripled, while the rest of the nation suffered. What does that say for what kind of future we are headed towards?

I am not an economics major, nor can I sit here claiming that I understand how economics work in this nation. All I know is that I see this distribution of wealth, and can’t help but feel horrified. What percentage of people’s income do not even surpass their living costs? What percentage of people live paycheck to paycheck without even a dime in their savings?

I don’t know what the solution is, but I know that this is something that needs to change. We need a better understanding of how the wealth is being distributed in this country and how income is being determined.

As it looks to me, the American Dream is broken.

I post this video not with the intent of coming up with solutions or pretending to know economic policies, but with the intent of remembering. I had forgotten about the President Obama’s State of the Union Address. I had forgotten about the income inequalities. I post this video to take that step into being a citizen who cares about the state of our nation.


Broken Promises

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about broken promises. Being an idealistic person, I usually take people’s words for what they are and “expect” them to be true…very much like how I feel about hope (as I’ve said in my post from before.)

I never realized how many broken promises we throw at each other, until quite recently.

There are big ones such as, “I promise not to hurt you,” from someone who ends up really hurting you.

And small ones such as, “I’ll call you after dinner,” from someone who doesn’t call until a week after.

But I think the hardest ones to really deal with are those aren’t quite broken…yet, but you feel like they are broken.


Scars that Never Heal

Three years ago today, he said goodbye.

It’s been plenty of time, and I can imagine my friends rolling their eyes saying, “Why are you still thinking about him? How are you not over it already?”

True. I’ve wondered that myself. How is it that after 1096 days, I’m still thinking about this day? How is it that I still feel a twinge of pain piercing between my rib cage?

The answer is plain and simple. He was my first.

I don’t mean it in a sexual way. If anything, he and I only ever kissed. I mean it in an emotional way.

He was the first person to ever make me feel wanted, beautiful, and desirable. He was the first person to tell me that he wanted to be with me. “Eunice, you are fuckable.” He was the first person to ever hear about the darkest thoughts of my mind. He was the first person to hear about my problems with my parents. He was the first person to ever make me feel wanted whole.

And three years ago today, he took it away. In a big way.


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