This is it

Right now I feel like I’m standing at the precipice of something.

I feel like I’m reading the last few sentences of a book in a series, and I am filled with the anticipation of the sequel to be published in the coming months.

There are so many new beginnings in my life, I’m feeling entirely too overwhelmed.

The crazy thing is I’m also finally feeling settled. It doesn’t make any sense to feel such drastically different things at once, but it’s true.

I feel like I finally know who my real friends are, and I am truly grateful for the solid support system I’ve been lucky enough to find in my life.

Anyway, I just have this feeling that this is it.

I’m not sure what this is, nor do I know when/how I will know, but I just having a feeling at the pit of my stomach that the winds are changing.

It is almost my 24th birthday, and maybe this is the feeling I’m supposed to get when I finally become an adult. All I know is I’m feeling ready for whatever comes next.

I just have a feeling that whatever comes, I have to be brave for it. I have to be the strongest I’ve ever had to be. I wish I knew what it was that’s making me feel this way, but I’m kind of excited.



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