Let go of them, darling


There comes a time in your life when it’s time to say, “Enough,” and walk away. I know deep within you lies a fear of ending up alone, rising levels of anxiety each time you lose someone special to a break-up, death, neglect, or distance. That makes walking away entirely too difficult.

And I definitely want to validate that, sweetpea. It takes courage. Sometimes, it takes everything you’ve got to ignore that text, reject that call, physically walk away, and defriend/unfollow them on social media. The amount of strength you find within yourself in doing so may astound you.

Let go of them, darling.

Those who try to dull your sparkle. Those who walk away when you are difficult. Those who find your past to be a burden. Those who tear you apart and collage the pieces into someone you don’t recognize. Those who forget you constantly. Those who make you fight for even the slightest standing room in their lives. Those who make you feel unwanted. Those who stifle your passionate cries and loving whispers. Those who pressure you to your breaking point. Those who make you feel broken.

They are so wrong, dearest.

They don’t see that you are everything you’ve been and more. They don’t see the gem that you are. They don’t see the scars that make you beautiful and strong. They don’t see the tenderness, courage, and intelligence you possess. They don’t see the hopes and dreams that make up who you are as much as the stormy, wild mess does. They don’t see you. The whole you.

So let them go.

Love always,

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