That Moment – 1

Moment Number 1.

It’s that moment of stillness and silence, except for the even breathing and hearts beating. It’s that moment when you are in the arms of someone you care about, in the safety of whatever it is that encircles you both. It’s that moment of pure warmth and comfort.

It’s that moment you feel the kisses on your shoulder, arm, top of your head, and temple. It’s that moment you caress his chest, feeling the soft chest hair under your fingers. It’s that moment of your legs intertwined with that of his. It’s that moment of your breaths synchronizing with the rise and fall of his chest.

It’s that moment free from judgment, criticism and shame. It’s that moment of pure, unfiltered emotions. It’s that moment when your feelings of happiness or sadness is beautiful, painfully so.

It’s that moment when your thoughts are allowed to be loud and when your feelings are allowed to be felt. It’s that moment of naked honesty. It’s that moment when you are completely present in the moment of closeness.

It’s that moment of intimacy under the cloak of darkness. It’s that moment before reality hits.

It’s that moment of just being.

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