Some Truths

Some truths are truths I wish I did not know.

They are ones that eat you up inside, the moment they enter your ears. They are the ones that make you wonder.

What if?

They are the ones that make you replay every conversation, repaint every picture, and reimagine every scenario. They are the ones that force you to retreat into the past.

I do not want to live with any regrets. And I try my best to celebrate every decision that has led me here, where I stand.

This is not where I want to be forever, but it is where I choose to be for right now. I love that it was my decision. I try to remember that every time my over-thinking takes over and twists my stories.

And yet I stare into my hands, just wondering, why these new truths have made me falter, made me question, made me hesitant. Why these truths have entered my mind now, why these truths have changed my view of my past, and why these truths might have an effect on my future decisions.

All I know is that some truths, I wish I had never known.



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  1. I agree. Some truths are left unsaid for me!


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