First Day of Classes

I feel like I’m back in high school. This morning, I was filled with stomach flutters. It’s the First Day of Classes!

I decided to take advantage of the benefits of working at Harvard Medical School and take graduate classes at the Harvard Extension School. I’m super psyched about the classes I’m going to take this Spring semester. I am planning on taking World Religions, Constructing Gender in Art, and Nonfiction Films.

During undergrad, I mostly focused on Psychology and English classes. Of course being a Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies minor, I took a lot of WGSS classes as well, but I didn’t explore all that much outside my major/minors. And I’m hoping this will be the chance to learn more about the world in new perspectives.

I missed school. I missed taking classes. So, I’m genuinely excited to learn. LEARN.


And of course I was filled with this flurry of excitement and slight dread before the first day of classes at a new school. Maybe my new Boston friend will sit next to me in class today. Maybe I’ll meet somebody who is super mean (I learned quite recently that drama takes place in the real world. No matter how old you are, apparently people still engage in petty and passive aggressive behaviors and also talk behind each other’s backs). Who knows?

Or maybe I’ll meet absolutely no one.

But maybe I’ll be blown away by a professor, find myself a mentor, or learn about a new topic I’m passionate about; anything can happen as long as I open myself up to new things.

Yay for first days!



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