Baby Fever

They tell me I have baby fever.

I mean, I know that I have baby fever. When one of my good friends B and I first met, I said that a baby we walked past was making my uterus glow. He said later that he thought I was funny, and I think that moment started our friendship.

I’m the girl who freaked out her best friend’s mom’s friend because she had a picture of her best friend’s mom’s friend’s baby son as the background on her phone before she had even met him (Side note: I swear I’m not crazy. My best friend sent me pictures of this baby boy because she knew I’d love them. I need a little cuteness in my life once in a while, and she understands that). I’m the girl who coos at babies within 10 feet of her. I’m the girl who  bought a onesie three years ago because she loved the sun on the onesie that symbolized courage.

I love babies. I always have, and I always will.

If there is one thing I know about myself, it is that I want babies.

In an ideal world, I’d love to have four kids. One boy, two girls, then another boy. And when my babies are older, I think I’d want to become a foster parent. God knows the world can use more loving foster parents.

The thing is, I’m not just about the gooey, warm, and fuzzy feeling I get when I see babies. It’s the untainted, undeniable, irrevocable love you feel for a tiny human being. It’s the bond that will last forever. It’s the adding to your circle, your loved ones, your family. It’s the relationship that will grow over time. It’s the fighting, the making up, the sad and happy moments you’re about to share with someone.

You know?

Some people are born leaders, good sisters, good students, soccer players, etc. I know that I was born to be a mother. It’s not a coincidence that my nickname in high school on my cross country team, basketball team, AND soccer team was Mom. It is not a coincidence a lot of my guy friends called me Mom. It’s just who I am.

I like taking care of people.

I find joy in being someone’s person. Someone’s 2AM. I feel so much love when I get a call at 2 in the morning from a friend asking for a shoulder to cry on, an ear to lend, a soothing voice.

Of course I know that I’m not ready. I’m not mature enough for that yet. Having been the youngest child, I’ve always loved being babied. I’ve always loved being pampered and looked after. But I think with time, I’ll be there. I’ll get to a place where I can be an amazing mother.

I feel like people think I’m crazy or too estrogen-y when I say that I want kids.

But it’s something I dream about and strive to all the time.

I have baby-fever and I will not apologize for it.



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  1. I am soo agreeing with you!


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