Raise a Toast to 2013

My best friend posted a checklist of things she’s done, including new stuff she’s done this past year. I thought I would take the time to note the things I’ve done this year alone, not including the stuff I’ve done in other years.

As excited as I am about moving forward and having a fresh start, I still want to take a moment to celebrate the experiences of year 2013. It’s been one hell of a year, and I can’t believe how much my life has changed in the past 12 months. It’s strangely exhilarating, and I can’t wait to see what the new year will bring in my life.

[X] Stayed single
[X] Got kissed
[X] Kissed someone new
[X] Had my heart broken
[   ] Broke someone else’s heart
[    ] Had a stalker
[X] Lost a friend
[X] Questioned my sexual orientation
[   ] Got pregnant
[   ] Got married
[X] Met someone I will never forget
[X] Did something I regret
[X] Lost faith in love for a while
[   ] Kissed under the mistletoe
[X] Got my first job
[X] Changed jobs
[X] Quit my job
[   ] Dated a co-worker
[X] Did something I was proud of
[X] Was involved in something I will never forget
[X] Wrote a poem
[X] Listened to music I couldn’t stand
[X] Double-dipped
[X] Skipped a class
[X] Failed a class
[X] Went to a sleepover
[X] Skinny-dipped
[   ] Went to camp
[   ] Threw a surprise party
[X] Laughed until I cried
[   ] Visited a foreign country
[X] Visited a foreign state
[X] Cooked a disastrous meal
[X] Lost something/someone important to me
[X] Received a gift I love
[X] Realized something new about myself
[   ] Tried to gain weight
[X] Dyed my hair
[   ] Came close to losing my life
[   ] Someone close to me died
[X] Went to a wild party
[   ] Got arrested
[X] Saw a great movie
[X] Read a great book
[X] Saw a movie so scary it made me cry
[   ] Saw a favorite band live
[X] Did something that I want to tell someone but can’t
[X] Made new friends
[X] Experienced something new
[X] Lied to your parents
[X] Sneaked out
[   ] Got in trouble with the police
[X] Kissed in a pool
[   ] Kissed under the stars
[X] Went to a party
[X] Danced
[X] Had the time of your life
[   ] Fell out of love
[X] Had a crush on someone
[   ] Changed your sexual preference
[X] Swam in a pool
[   ] Made a snowman
[   ] Went snowboarding
[X] Slept in past 2PM
[X] Held someone’s hand
[X] Held someone’s hand that you care about
[X] Told someone you like them as more than a friend
[X] Gone on vacation
[X] Gone on vacation with a friend
[X] Driven a car
[   ] Danced in the rain
[   ] Got into a fist fight
[X] Laughed until you couldn’t breathe
[X] Had an amazing year
[X] Missed someone
[X] Got sent to the hospital
[   ] Sent someone to the hospital
[   ] Got hit by a car
[   ] Got a new pet
[X] Enjoyed this past year

I can’t wait to see what this next year will bring.



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