2014 Resolutions

I used to make 10 new year’s resolutions each year.

I read somewhere that resolutions are ineffective unless you focus on just one change each year. I’m incapable of just choosing one change I want to make this year, so I’ll compromise and come up with just 5.

Here are my five resolutions for year 2014:

  1. Manage my finance effectively: I am finally at an age where it is extremely important for me to start saving money for my future. While I am pretty much living paycheck by paycheck, I can try to save here and there. I want to cut down on frivolous spending.
  2. Take more time to keep in touch with family and old friends: I know I’ve been spreading myself pretty thin with a full time job and a part time job, and I wanted to focus on making new friends in the city. But I still want to do a better job of keeping in touch with the people I love and have loved for a long time. I don’t want to let distance and time difference get in the way of my friendships.
  3. Read more books: I have hundreds of books sitting on my bookshelves (here and at my parent’s house) that I’ve just been waiting to read. If I cut down on my time watching Psych or Grey’s Anatomy, I think I’d have the time to read these books of mine. And why not feed my mind with great new things?
  4. Allow myself to heal: I definitely need to spend less time thinking about my past, but in order to move on, I need to heal. Right? I still haven’t figured out what healing will entail.
  5. Exercise: I feel like I say this often and always, but I definitely want to get back into shape. I miss running and yoga. Whooooo.

Let’s do it.



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