I haven’t been home in a year, and all I can say is that it kind of sucks.

This isn’t my first time being away from family during the holidays, but for some reason it’s been harder for me this year than it was in the past.

All the happy pictures on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat of my friends, reunited with their pets, parents, siblings, etc. are making me feel kind of sad. I’m not saying that the joy of others equals my sadness by any means. I just wish I could take corny selfies with my parents, drink wine with my family, and exchange presents too.

I miss my mom’s cooking and heart to hearts, my dad’s lectures, and my brother’s jokes and teasing. I miss my grandpa’s long hugs and countless reminders of how lovely I am, my grandma’s fussing and worried musings, my uncle’s giant bear hugs and jokes about my love life, my aunt’s commentary on my life, my cousins’ gossip, and generally, the warm, safe, comforting ambiance of our gatherings. I can imagine my family together for the holidays without me, and that kind of sucks.

I don’t think I get homesick much, but I guess the holidays really bring it out in me.

Well, enough whining.

I will say though, that I’m lucky enough to have my best friend here in Boston. So lucky to have her family always include me in their holiday celebrations.

And I already know that my friends and I are planning an awesome New Year’s Eve.

Even if I miss my family thousands of miles away, I’ve got a family of sorts here in Boston. And I am forever grateful for that.



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