Everything comes down to timing.

Aziz Ansari talks about this in his most recent stand-up, “Buried Alive.” His friend met his wife outside Bed Bath & Beyond, next to a grey Prius that he mistook for his own. For that moment to happen, one man had to be in the city, own a grey Prius, have a reason to go to that particular Bed Bath & Beyond at that particular time, another person needed to own a grey Prius, that person also had to be at the particular Bed Bath & Beyond at that particular time, the man had to mistake another person’s grey Prius as his own, and the woman had to walk by at that precise moment.

That’s crazy.

The awesome part is that this moment can happen at any given time. You can stroll down to your local liquor store to buy a bottle of wine to cheer up your roommate, and boom, meet the love of your life.

The scary part is that you can miss this moment based on one tiny tiny decision. You could decide all of a sudden that you’d rather buy a box of chocolates than a bottle of wine for your roommate.

One tiny decision can alter the course of your entire life.

How entirely mind-boggling is that?

To be perfectly honest, it’s terrifying to realize that little decisions I make throughout the day can change everything.

It’s also kind of frustrating that everything comes down to timing. What if you meet someone who is completely awesome, but timing is not right?

This past summer, I met someone. We met, became friends, and hung out a lot. He was a good kid, and I genuinely cared about him. But timing was wrong. I was moving to Boston in a couple months, he had just broken up with his girlfriend of two-ish years. Needless to say nothing really transpired.

The semester before that I met someone who was awesome. He was really nice and super cute (teehee). But I was about to graduate and did not have any concrete plans for the future, and he was planning to move to New York. Again, nothing really transpired.

Theses are just two examples of the “what-if”s that sometimes take over my mind. What if I had stayed? What if I had met him just a couple months before? What if we would be good together but timing was shit?

It’s obviously not really healthy to get bogged down by these what if’s. And I have to believe that somehow these lost moments all lead to something wonderful.

One of my favorite quotes that talks about this is from Scrubs. In Carla’s wedding vow, she said “I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life, but you’ve managed to erase them all, because each and every one of them has led me to you.”



This thought is also reflected in one of my favorite songs, “Blessed the Broken Road” by Rascal Flatts.



The chorus reads as: “Every long lost dream led me to where you are. Others who broke my heart, they were like northern star.”

I love that. It’s so beautifully written.

Timing is Everything. (Side note: Country Strong is an awesome movie. I absolutely loved it.)





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