Unshared Stories

There are parts of me I don’t know how to share.

I’ve always prided myself in being an open person, but I’m coming to realize that there are stories that I’ve never told people. 

I think on some level, I just really don’t want people to think I’m crazy or that I’ve had a horrific life. My life has been really weird, and there are parts I still have trouble understanding, but it has been quite wonderful as well. 

I wish I could tell people some of my stories without ever hearing a tone of shock, pity, or disgust in their voices. I feel averse to any big reaction that is not positive. It freaks me out, and suddenly I feel the need to comfort them or something like that.

Negative things happen. And I really hate having to defend them; I don’t want to qualify these experiences to ensure everybody knows that I’m not too messed up or that my life has been good. 

You know what I mean?



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