Bottling up Feelings

I hear that’s bad for you.

To be fair, my emotions are quite easy to read on my face, but it certainly does not mean I don’t keep things to myself. Surprise, I lie. When people see that I am upset, they don’t necessarily know why. And sometimes I don’t 100% truthfully share why I am upset. I might bring up something that is true, but not the major reason why I am upset.

When I am upset with someone, I find that I don’t easily confront them. I can’t seem to figure out what I am afraid of, since most of them are my friends and would appreciate my opening up and sharing my feelings…right?

On Pinterest, I saw this picture, and I couldn’t help but laugh.


It’s not actually funny, but it was so true, I giggled.

If I learned anything in the last four years, it was how dangerous bottling up feelings can be. It’s not only harming yourself, but you also end up damaging your relationships with people.

Of course it’s stressful to be upset with others. It takes a lot of energy, and I find that I am agitated, anxious, and stressed because of the feelings I let fester within me. I sometimes feel the sudden urge to cry because I am unable to express my feelings in other ways. The feelings just stay within me and grow. And they grow ugly.

Even if you decide to keep quiet, it is truly hard not to passive aggressively act out. And instead of working through problems, the other person feels bad and is also upset by the passive aggressive acts & lack of explanation for such behavior.

But it’s hard to speak up. It really is! It takes a lot of strength and trust in the friendship/relationship to bring up tough topics. Confrontation is unpredictable since you never fully know how the other person will respond to your words.

Maybe though, it’s time to be brave.




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