Unsure – tonight

Tonight, I’m feeling a little lost.

I’m not exactly sure what it is, but I just feel kind of…(lack of a better word) empty. I can’t even seem to formulate sentences to adequately express how I’m feeling.

Weirdly enough, I keep feeling like I’m pushing against this wall that keeps trying to close in on me. Being a psych major, of course I’m trying to analyze the hell out of it. What does this wall represent, and why is it closing in on me? What do I have in my power to keep it from pushing too far? What does it mean to be closed in by this wall? What am I feeling?

But nada.

Tonight, my self psychoanalysis is yielding no results.

I came across this on one of my Pinterest boards, and I thought I’d share because this is the only thing that comes remotely close to what I’m thinking.




PS- I thought blogging would help my inability to comprehend my emotions. I guess I’m more confused than I thought.

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