Busy Life

This past week and a half, I’ve been super busy, trying to move in and get my life organized and also starting a new job.

While living in an apartment is not necessarily new to me, this is the first time trying to deal with realtors, managers, supers, etc. It requires a lot of communication that is sometimes thwarted when any one of the parties is super busy. It’s sometimes really hard to get attention from the manager or the realtor. This new step into being a grown up is definitely a challenge.

Unpacking is also extremely hard when I don’t have all the right furniture/organizational tools to put all my stuff away. I keep realizing that I don’t have enough time to go out and purchase everything I need to in order to put everything away the way I want to. I can’t wait to be able to just sit in my room and look at everything in its rightful place. The thought of that puts a smile on my face.

Work has been hard. It’s difficult getting up in the morning sometimes, but it also gives me a sense of purpose which I love. Sometimes I am so engrossed in my work, I forget to go eat lunch or call my mom like I promised. I feel like I’m too busy to get stressed out about other parts of my life. It’s lovely to love what you do, and so far I really enjoy what I do. I thought I’d only enjoy working with undergrads, but this is quite nice.

I feel like I’m really finding my own place in this office.

I genuinely can’t wait for tomorrow or the day after.



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