Public Property

In the light of day, she floated around the world, smiling at the passing faces and laughing with the happy folk. What nobody knew was how lonely she was. Always.

She spoke with such confidence and ease; none of her classmates wanted to challenge her. People listened when she talked. When she walked from one side of campus to the other, there was a stream of people waving and friends wishing her a good day. She smiled and hugged.

Everyone always assumed that she was doing something with someone. They never thought to invite her to come because they assumed she had other plans or had been invited already. Nobody thought to feel responsible for her or her happiness.

She was public property. She was there to lend a ear or share a smile, but she was nobody’s person. It was great when she was around, but not tragically missed when she was not. And just like public property, everyone thought it was someone else’s job to keep her company, to listen to her thoughts, to be her person.

It was a lonely life, being public property.

She was a lost child, incapable of asking for help. She tried to take care of others, hoping that one day they would really notice her and genuinely care about her.



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  1. This is so good it makes me wanna read more


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