Today I was feeling really irritated because the person I was speaking to was not listening to me at all. I was concerned about something, and she chose to completely ignore that.


Then I paused.

One, I didn’t want to really yell at someone who was trying to help me, and two, I was overwhelmed by a feeling of guilt.


How many times do I hear but not listen? How many times have I not listened to someone else’s concerns because I was too busy thinking about what to say or pushing my own agenda?

How often do I simply let the streams of words flow in own ear only to fall out the other?

All too often. I think.

Of course when the situation demands it, I can be a wonderful listener. Having been trained as a peer crisis counselor in college, I’ve learned about active listening skills and how to be a good listener.

When someone comes to me in the role of a counselor, I definitely put on my counselor face and counselor ears to listen attentively.

But I’d imagine that at times I fail to be a good listener. It’s so easy to hear people and not listen carefully to what they are saying. Sometimes I find myself waiting for someone to finish talking so I can add my two cents. That is no way of listening to someone.

I came across this quote:

When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new.

Of course there is joy in speaking. It’s fun to share bits of yourself and assert your beliefs, but maybe we should all listen a little more to what others are sharing with us.

This topic is kind of strange for me to discuss since my writing a blog is kind of like me talking at you. I will read and listen to your comments though! That counts for something, right?



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