Tragic Love

I’ve actually posted about love before, but it’s on my mind again tonight. I guess you can’t ever talk too much about love, can you? Not sure.

There is something that I’ve come across via Pinterest that makes me choke up every time I read it.


According to Google, this quote is from Mockingjay by Susanne Collins. I’ve actually never read it so I don’t know what the plot is nor do I know which characters spoke which lines, but something about these lines makes me feel a certain tightness in my chest, and I feel dangerously close to tears.

Even in those short sentences, I can sense so much love and so much pain. It’s not to say that I’ve never felt pain or love, but I’ve never felt it quite like that.  The words evoke such powerful emotions. When the narrator covers up his/her pain with a cough, it feels like the most tragic thing in the world.

Tonight, I’m kind of in the mood to cry and let myself feel overwhelmed by tragic love. Those are the kind of love stories that stick with me.



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