Big Changes

I am finally in Boston!

It is so strange that yesterday, I called St. Louis my home, and today I am in Boston, at “home.” In the car, I began to freak out just a little bit because I was finally realizing that I was not visiting Boston, I had moved to Boston. It’s such a drastic change, that I can’t even begin to grasp the magnitude of how much my life will change in the next several weeks.

As terrifying as this change is, I am looking forward to being challenged and growing up. Usually I feel a rush of anxiety when things in my life seem uncertain and vague, but for now, I’ve decided to embrace the uncertainty, the ambiguity. I can wake up tomorrow and my life can be anything, something, everything. That’s crazy exciting.

I have absolutely no idea what my life will be like, where I will be in a month, much less a year. But I think that’s okay. It is exhilarating to know that anything can happen.

As Lewis Carroll so eloquently put it:


& I intend to enjoy the road that I am on right now.



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