If Heterophobia were Real…


If Heterophobia were real…

My friend J shared this video with me and our other friends on Facebook. I literally sat frozen in my seat, watching this video. The feelings of horror and incredible sadness flowed through my veins, sending chills down my back.

The lack of support from the parents, absolute denial of the partner, and the incessant harassment and bullying from peers were all incredibly hard to watch. The feeling that I wasn’t expecting was the urgency, the supreme amount of danger and immediate harm. The violence in words spewed out by peers and the physical force were so horrific.

Words have such a power over us. It is so easy to make others feel shame, to shun others, to hurt others, to push them over the edge, etc. The amount of bullying from young children was just…awful.

I just wanted to share this video with everyone to show how horrific bullying is and how ridiculous it is to tell someone that loving another person is unnatural and deserving of violence.



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