Personal Space

I don’t like people touching me.

About a month ago, my housemates and I threw a small party for our friends. One of my best guy friends is particularly fond of my perfume, and that night, he announced to the entire party that I smelled like “angel dust” and that people should smell me.

As much as I LOVE hugging my friends and snuggling with them, I absolutely abhor strangers/acquaintances touching me or entering my personal bubble. All night I had random people lean into my face/neck area to sniff me. Of course I freaked out and ended up running away to the upstairs area where only three of my friends were hanging out.

Honestly the last straw was an ex of mine sniffing me; I was so uncomfortable.

I make no apologies for this. Everybody should be asking for CONSENT when touching others, unless it’s extremely crowded and even then, it’s not that hard to say “Excuse me.” And if I say that I am uncomfortable and that I do not want people to touch me or sniff me, then you should stop. If I say stop, you should stop.

Two years ago, my friends and I watched Millionaire Matchmaker, and we learned that we should keep a list of five non-negotiables. This helps us weed out people who we know we would not mesh with immediately. The first one that I came up with was: “Cannot force, pressure any sort of physical contact.” It was literally the first one that I thought of.

I think it is extremely important to respect people’s boundaries. I don’t think many people know this, but disrespecting people’s boundaries and personal space sometimes makes them feel unsafe. UNSAFE. That is a horrific feeling to give someone.

The other day I came across this photo and I laughed.


It’s strange that some people really don’t get it when you ask nicely. They take it personally and do not respect your wishes; they don’t always understand how important it is. Needing personal space is about respect. It means that I am uncomfortable. It means that I do not know you well enough to have you stand so close to me. It means that I need a little more room to feel safe.

Let us all respect each other’s personal space.



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