Pet Peeves & Frustrations

My best friend V recently posted about her pet peeves, and I got to thinking about my own. I think it’s incredibly important to be aware of what your own pet peeves are, especially when you are living with others. While having pet peeves is completely valid and normal, it is also your responsibility to communicate them to your roommates, family, and friends. Some of pretty common sensical, but some pet peeves are personal preference/comfort level. And in order to communicate this openly (to avoid conflict or unnecessary negativity), you must first be aware of your pet peeves.

Here is a list of ones that I can think of right now (in no particular order):

  1. Lateness: Because I become anxious when I’m late, I am usually early if not right on time. It bothers me a lot when people are late to meetings, dinners, etc., especially if they do not let me know. If you are running late, you can take five seconds to text, “omg sorry I’m running late.” And when you send that text, be genuinely sorry. I came early out of consideration for you, so it’d be nice if you showed me the same courtesy and tried to get here on time.
  2. Ambiguous Plans/Promises: When someone tells me “yeah let’s hang out later today,” I am at home “later today” waiting to hear back from that person. I’d rather have someone be straight and say, “I actually don’t have time today, but let’s make plans for later in the week,” than to leave me hanging. I am very much willing to change plans on the fly, but I need concrete plans to change from if that make sense.
  3. Inability to EmpathizeIt drives me insane when people say the worst possible things such as, “Just get over it already.” “You are being too sensitive.” and other horrific things when I am upset. I think emotional responses to events are always valid. Even if they may seem dramatic to others, to the person who is feeling the emotions, the feelings are very real to them, and to invalidate and even minimize the feelings is an extremely mean thing to do.
  4. Interrupters: I hate it when people interrupt others. Of course it happens in conversation, but I think it is extremely rude to talk over others consistently. Everybody has something to contribute, a story to share, so let’s all respect that.
  5. Food Stealing: Believe me, if you want something off my plate, please ask. If you take without asking, I might fork your hand, which I’m sure would hurt. It just bothers me a lot when people do not ask consent when it comes to food. I LOVE food, and as much as I am a sharing person, I like to be in control of what I am and am not sharing with you.
  6. Bed, Personal Items: I will admit freely that I have some control issues, and I like to have my bed made a certain way, my things organized a certain way, When you come into my room, please do not mess with my things or mess with my bed.
  7. Feet: I think feet are gross. I know it’s illogical, but when I see feet, I think germs and grossness. Please PLEASE do not set your bare feet on my bed, especially in my sheets. It will genuinely make me cry.
  8. Rape Jokes/Racial Slurs: Absolutely no.
  9. Book Treatments: If I lend you my book, I am literally trusting you with one of my babies. Do NOT ruin the binding by opening the book and pressing down. I would actually break down sobbing.

I know that I am a flawed person, and I am positive that I am guilty of doing these things too.

These are the things, I’ve come to realize, that bother me the most. I hope that by knowing this I can better my relationships with my friends and prevent unwanted conflict to arise.



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