101 Everyday Ways for Men to be Allies to Women

Recently I came across this post, 101 Everyday Ways for Men to be Allies to Women.

After having heard Jackson Katz speak at Washington University in St. Louis in the fall of 2012, I’ve learned the importance of having men who identify as feminists and become allies to women. Their involvement is imperative in the fight against violence against women (though of course sexual/relationship violence can also be against men, caused by women, etc.).


Anyway, I thought I’d share the article to outline how men can be allies to women, because most of them are spot on. Street harassment is awful, and it really isn’t all that hard to stop. I can’t fully explain how horrible it feels when a man rolls down the window to shout stuff in your direction. Every time it’s happened I’ve cried or nearly cried.

A lot of my guy friends have asked, “But isn’t it nice to have someone compliment you?” The simple answer is yes, I do enjoy compliments. But street harassment usually derives from a place of wanting to appear “cool” or “alpha male-esque” in front of their friends. The act of street harassment is not purely based on wanting to compliment another person.

Other things, such as checking one’s privilege and screwing gender roles when it comes to house work and other responsibilities. There are many great tips!

I’ve already realized that I could never date a man who did not identify as a feminist. Our conversation would probably go as follows:

“What? I’m not a feminist.”

“You don’t believe in equal rights for women?”

“Well…that’s not what I mean. I’m just not a feminist.”

“Well, if you believe people of all sectors, backgrounds, and stories should have equal rights, equal opportunities, then you are a feminist. If you believe that people should be aware of their privilege, and that people’s identities should be celebrated, not merely tolerated, then you are a feminist. And the fact that you are adverse to the label ‘feminist’ leads me to believe that you are not aware of the issues that I find to be extraordinarily important in the world.”



Maybe this is a little harsh, but why would you date someone who doesn’t respect women? Just a thought.



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