Why I Loved Arizona…

Why I loved Arizona…and why I am mad at the writers of Grey’s Anatomy.

She enters the show wearing scrubs with a little monkey patch, gliding on her heelys. Arizona jumps into the show as a pleasant, friendly, and headstrong woman; she is so strong and confident, I was instantly hooked.


She approaches Callie with such grace and with such respectful interest. I love how she instantly makes Callie feel better about life. But the biggest reason why I loved Arizona was her courage. She loves fiercely, and she is not afraid to reveal herself to Callie. This scene turned me into a mascara streaked crying chick while watching Grey’s Anatomy (who doesn’t sob while watching Grey’s Anatomy, am I right?) Her ability to share her vulnerability, share her pain is so beautiful.


My ultimate favorite scene with Arizona is the scene where she speaks to Callie’s father. When Callie’s father comes to Seattle to “pray away the gay,” Arizona stands up to protect the things she loves. This scene always leaves me a balled up sobbing mess. I love the way she speaks of love and family.


Season 9 has been hard to watch. I’ve known that Arizona was far from perfect. She almost lost Callie because she didn’t want children (more like afraid to have children), she almost lost Callie because she broke up with Callie over Africa, she tampered with Alex’s interviews to manipulate him into staying at Seattle Grace, she was mean to Mark for the longest time, etc. And I also understand that losing a leg is traumatic and of course being in an airplane crash was traumatic.

But the Arizona I had learned to love is gone. Her anger, her frustration, her sadness engulfed her and turned her into someone I do not recognize. Where is the beautiful Arizona with so much spunk, so much love, and so much courage? Arizona is not a cheater. Arizona is not someone to rip apart Callie who has just lost her best friend.

I love Arizona. And I know that any reaction to a traumatic event is a real and valid one, but I find it hard to understand this one. There is no trace of the Arizona from the past seasons. I can only hope that the old Arizona returns because I loved her. And Callie deserves her.



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  1. V. Lee

     /  July 30, 2013


  2. I know 😦 that episode literally made me cry angry and horrified tears.


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