Broken Promises

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about broken promises. Being an idealistic person, I usually take people’s words for what they are and “expect” them to be true…very much like how I feel about hope (as I’ve said in my post from before.)

I never realized how many broken promises we throw at each other, until quite recently.

There are big ones such as, “I promise not to hurt you,” from someone who ends up really hurting you.

And small ones such as, “I’ll call you after dinner,” from someone who doesn’t call until a week after.

But I think the hardest ones to really deal with are those aren’t quite broken…yet, but you feel like they are broken.

There are people who swear to you that they will be there for you…that they will support you…that they would come running when you call. There are friends who always say afterwards “You should have called me!” “You should have told me, I would have helped you out!” etc.

And the weird thing is that you kind of already know that that’s not true…that if you had called them when you needed them, they would not have come running. You know what I mean?

The world is full of relationships that aren’t necessarily fake but not really all that deep or genuine. There are empty promises that are already broken in your head. I can only name a handful of people who would really stand by me and support me when I need it.

And I count my blessings everyday that I have at least two that I can call. 

But how great would it be if there were no empty promises? If people truly meant it when they said that they are there for you? If people made you feel the support instead of merely throwing words at you?

As more eloquently said by Tyler Knott Gregson




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