25 Things to Do Before You Turn 25

Recently my friend shared a link with me.

It is an article called, “25 Things To Do Before You Turn 25.”

As I was reading this, I felt slight panic rising to my throat. I realized that there were so many things to do before the next two years and a half passed!

What if I don’t get to experience all of that on the list?

It was the same panicky feeling I got during senior year of college, because I felt like I had not accomplished everything I had wanted to, and I was terrified of moving onto the next phase of my life when everybody had been telling me that “College is the best four years of your life.”

If the best years of my life have already passed (and if the “best years” have been quite traumatic and heartbreaking at times), then what did I have to look forward to? I was genuinely scared of the last semester of college coming to an end. I was terrified I would never feel the way I did.

But the truth is, I KNOW that the next phase of my life will be just as wonderful as my college years have been. I may be a broke, 20-something-year-old, still trying to figure out what she’s supposed to do in this world, and I will enjoy every second of it. This next phase is unwritten, and this blank page can be just about anything I want it to be.


My life didn’t end when I graduated, and it definitely will not end when I’m 25. I don’t think you have to be youthful to achieve your dreams. Growing old is just as beautiful as being wild and crazy as a teenager.

Isn’t life beautiful, knowing that there is so much more yet to come?




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  1. V. Lee

     /  July 23, 2013



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