Not Meant To Be

For some reason I’ve come across many people with whom I misconnected. Bad timing or something of that sort. I don’t mean it in just romantic relationships, but also in friendships. Sometimes I’m frustrated by it, but I’m also grateful to have run into so many people who’ve shaped my life.

Based on my consumption of popular media, there is a lot of pressure on “forever.”

“Best friends forever!”

“I will love you forever.”


If it doesn’t last a lifetime, somehow it is devalued. But the truth is, what I need right now is not something that I need for the rest of my life.

The person I like right now may not end up being my boyfriend, husband, baby-daddy, etc. Maybe, five years later, I’ll run into him in a restaurant in Boston, and I won’t know what he had been doing for the last five years. That uncertainty does not take away from the moments I spend with him now.

There is value in knowing someone will be in your life forever. But there is also value in spending time and making amazing memories with someone who won’t be in your life for longer than a summer.

Cherish all the connections you make, even if they don’t last forever.




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