I Knew What Love Exactly Looked Like…

Inspired by the video that I posted earlier.

I knew what love exactly looked like in seventh grade. First day of class, I walked in the room. BAM. WHABLAM. Love was there. We were given numbers based on our names in alphabetical order. Love was 14. I was 32.

Love had pale, translucent skin, and Love had eyes that drooped and made him look tired always. But during lunch recess, Love was always out on the field, playing soccer until his entire shirt was soaked in sweat. Love was my best friend. Love was someone I chatted with everyday for three hours. I only had three hours of computer time each night.

I told Love I liked him. Love only liked me as a friend.

I wrote poetry about Love. Lots and lots of poetry. I felt unlovable as a girl. Forever in the friend zone.

I decided that I knew what Love exactly looked like in ninth grade. Love was a preppy, tall, soccer player with beautiful hair. Love would like sappy music like I did, and Love would secretly love romantic comedies. Love would be a “jerk” who is actually really nice at heart and is just scared of letting people into his life. Love was misunderstood.

It wasn’t until college that Love walked into my life again. This time Love looked different. Love had slightly curly tousled hair. Love didn’t play soccer. Love wan’t preppy. Love liked to party, and Love really liked girls. Love seemed misunderstood. I wanted to fix Love. I wanted to never give up on Love even when Love was mean, even when Love made me cry. Then Love walked out of my life.

Love broke my heart.

It’s been three years since, and Love is still hiding. They say Love comes to you when you stop looking for it.

But that’s the same thing as someone telling me not to think about a giant purple elephant. I can’t help but think about a giant purple elephant.

Now I don’t think I know what Love exactly looks like. But I know one thing for sure. Love has a beautiful smile with a dimple, even if it might be invisible to the naked eye, I know that I can always see a beautiful dimpled smile on Love.

I just know it.



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